Polish Belly Dancer
Philadelphia, Pa and surrounding areas.
"Ewelina truly understands what it means to
She brings a spirit of fun, of playfulness,
and of absolute joy to her dance that
encourages her  audience to become more than
and to get up and dance themselves."

~ Shelley Ashfield  
(Om Helena)

Ewelina, born and raised in Poland, began her
journey in middle eastern dance upon arrival
to the USA almost a decade ago and
immediately fell deeply in love with this
beautiful art form. She appears weekly at
many venues in Philadelphia and surrounding
areas, as well as private events, and teaches
weekly belly dance and fitness classes.
Belly dancing gives her true happiness and
helps her to achieve an inner harmony and
sense of fulfillment. In her performances and
classes she tries to convey the beauty that
flows from each movement, as well as stir the
imagination and inner passions of the